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Silent Sound Systems - A Solution For Pandemic Problems

I'm sure if you're a Fitness Instructor, you have definitely felt a sudden shift in how the world now works. Teaching your classes will most likely take a bit of creativity moving forward, to say the least. Of course keeping yourself healthy is top priority so it only makes sense that your students want to feel safe when they are in your class. Easier said than done! Finding space for classes and maintaining social distancing has made it extremely difficult for many fitness instructors to hold

Top 5 Tools Every Virtual Content Creator Needs

Being a virtual content creator can be pretty challenging. Knowing where and how to find the right virtual content creation tools can be a huge part of that. After all, you got into the fitness business to help people get in shape, not become an Audio/Visual expert! The fact is, the world has changed. That’s especially true if you’re used to putting your content out there in person as opposed to Zoom, MindBody, gymGo, UScreen, YouTube or any other virtual content platforms for fitness. Well, t

Samson Airline 77 vs Airline 99 Wireless Microphone Systems

As a group fitness instructor, either online or in-person, you know the importance of a good wireless microphone system like the Samson Airline 77 or the Airline 99. Your clients need to hear you clearly so they can get their sweat on and you need to be able to concentrate on delivering a great fitness class, not worrying about mic interference, muddy sound, or an uncomfortable wireless microphone headset. Two of the best and most popular wireless microphone systems are the Samson Airline 77 an